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A unit of Purple Hub, at Media Accent Nigeria we create bespoke Public Relations and corporate media communication solutions for our clients. This is with a view to help shape their reputations, engage with diverse stakeholders across multiple channels, tell effective stories and run creative campaigns which impact positively on their brands. These objectives ultimately promote mutual understanding between our clients and their stakeholders/ interest groups. At Media Accent Nigeria, our clients are also our partners, and we operate as an extended arm of their teams. We make their Public Relations and Marketing Communication goals our main objectives, and astound them with creative approaches. Our team executes every brief with the same set of creative principles — identify details that resonate well with our clients, formulate action plans to achieve set goals, execute same and initiate controls - with a view to realize the best results, on time and on budget. It’s a huge demand and entails top-notch PR and Marketing Communications professionals to realize. Accordingly, we’re pleased to have a committed team - that's simply awesome.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

PR Target Audience

A key method used by public relations professionals  is to identify the target audience, with a view to
craft messages to influence a particular audience - also known as publics.

 In some cases the overriding  interests of varying  audiences and
interest groups common to a public relations campaign inform the crafting of distinct but
complementary messages to target publics.

On the other hand stakeholders theory identifies an audience with  a stake in a given institution
or issue. It assumes all audiences are stakeholders (or presumptive stakeholders), but not all stakeholders are

 For instance, if a not-for-profit charity engages a public relations agency to develop an advertising
campaign to source funds in order to develop a cure for an ailment , the charity and victims with the disease are
stakeholders. Nonetheless,  the audience comprises any individual  likely to donate money towards the cause.

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