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A unit of Purple Hub, at Media Accent Nigeria we create bespoke Public Relations and corporate media communication solutions for our clients. This is with a view to help shape their reputations, engage with diverse stakeholders across multiple channels, tell effective stories and run creative campaigns which impact positively on their brands. These objectives ultimately promote mutual understanding between our clients and their stakeholders/ interest groups. At Media Accent Nigeria, our clients are also our partners, and we operate as an extended arm of their teams. We make their Public Relations and Marketing Communication goals our main objectives, and astound them with creative approaches. Our team executes every brief with the same set of creative principles — identify details that resonate well with our clients, formulate action plans to achieve set goals, execute same and initiate controls - with a view to realize the best results, on time and on budget. It’s a huge demand and entails top-notch PR and Marketing Communications professionals to realize. Accordingly, we’re pleased to have a committed team - that's simply awesome.

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Misconceptions about Public Relations

A major issue that confronts  public relations practitioners in Nigeria bothers on credibility.

 This perception is borne out of the public's misconstrued impression about what a Public Relations practitioner really does.

This view, is further compounded by fact some PR practitioners do not have a clear idea about what the profession is about.

As a result, some dabble into the public relations profession with skewed motives and intentions.

Here are some common misconceptions

1. PR  is not about giving false narratives about brands and organizations - rather Public Relations tells the truth at all times.

2. Public relations is not about  offering bribes or inducements to journalists, to coverup the truth - or influence policy makers to initiate policies that add value to their clients.

3. PR is not based on luck, rather its activities and plans are based on, in depth research, scientific and empirical facts.

4. PR is not about putting together social gatherings and events of a similar nature.  Granted,Public Relations practitioners organize activities of this nature. However, this is not the profession's sole preoccupation.

5. Public relations is not about fawning at the boss' feet and kowtowing to his whims, rather it's a dignified and noble profession.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

PR Agencies vs PR Consultants

What is the difference

Public Relations Agencies:

There are lots of challenges and
opportunities for growth and development  in a PR Agency.

The work is enormous because companies that have in-house public relations departments and those who do not would at one time or the other require the services of an independent PR organisation.

Thus, agencies handle public relations activities of other organisations, corporations, non-profit set ups, governments and
even individuals.

For instance, some corporations may hire a PR Agency to handle its annual report to stockbrokers or its overseas investors. The agency could be hired to partner with other agencies or bodies or even the public relations department of a corporation to do research, planning, communication and evaluation.

Just as it is in advertising agencies, staff of public relations agencies are often assigned to accounts. Usually, an account would include all the public relations activities planned for one particular client.

 Accounts are managed by account executives. It would be their job to research into the public relations problems, write messages, and decide on media and placement.
 They equally do evaluation of such campaigns. It is  common to have public relations staff specialising in various areas of an account.

Some are experts in message designing, media planning
and placement, while others focus on research. In some cases, a staff
could take up more responsibilities than one.

Public relations agencies vary in size. There are some that work as a
small part of big advertising agencies while others are full-fledged, fullblown agencies, yet others are one room agencies.

Independent Public relations Consultants:

A PR practitioner  may equally wish to ply you trade as a one man public relations consultant. Successful public relations consultants are often persons with broad experience having worked in a few agencies and handled several successful accounts.

They are a one-man agency. Very often they specialise in small areas of public relations like crisis communication, speech writing, international public relations, etc.
In this case  the consultant alone bears the responsibility for success or failure.