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Friday, 9 February 2018

What Is Your Client’s Love Language?

In the course of nurturing a business relationship with a client, its imperative to understand how him/her expresses love. Once you understand this - you well, on your way - to building an enduring relationship the client.

Studies has shown there are five ways people express or receive love. Known as the five love languages.  They are: Quality Time, Acts Of Service, Physical Touch/Connection, Words Of Affirmation and Receiving Gifts.

Quality Time:
Clients who fall in this bracket crave undivided attention.
They love to know and feel that a person cares about them and takes them seriously as a client.
Accordingly, poor listening skills, distractions and  postponed appointments are huge turn off to this category of clients.

Acts of service:
Clients who speak this love language respond well to people who go the extra mile to make a client feel special. Such acts that strikes a chord with clients in this category, include: doing extra work, or responding to their demands over the weekend.

Words of Affirmation:
Clients who fall in this segment, love unsolicited compliments. Words like: " You are the best" "Wow, you were awesome" " You did really great" , resonate well with clients who speak this language.

Physical Touch/Connection:
These sort of  clients care mostly about the personal connection they have with you.

Receiving gifts:
Such clients should not be mistaken to be materialistic. What they really appreciate from you - as opposed to the gift - is the thoughtfulness, gesture and efforts put into purchasing such gifts. This, underscores the fact they are: important, loved and cared for.

While clients may speak all
five love languages - it's important to note every individual has a dominant love language.

By Dominic Nwelih

Published by Media Accent Nigeria

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